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Continuous product innovation, consistent quality

Company Profile


Zhejiang GPILOT Technology Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009, is headquartered in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of semiconductor packaging materials. Its products are widely used in LED, IC semiconductor packaging and other fields. At present, it has an annual production scale of 1.5 billion meters of high-quality ultra-fine bonding wire. 

R & D

Digitalization, informatization and intellectualization

Digitalization, informatization and intellectualization

Take innovation and core technology as the core competitiveness of the enterprise

The company has introduced international advanced production equipment and testing equipment, which is at the leading level among domestic peers. The production, technology, quality and quality control are all guided by the concept of internationalization. And keep in touch with the equipment manufacturers to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and give full play to the role of advanced equipment and new processes。

Bonding Wire Industry Leader

Learn from the best      Good results are achieved
  • Industrial honor

    In the field of semiconductor bonding wire, Zhejiang Province's "invisible champion" enterprise
    In the field of semiconductor bonding wire, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specializes in special new "small giant" enterprises

  • Patent achievements

    9 invention patents
    Two key silk papers in domestic journals
    15 patents for utility models
    6 soft rights

  • Standard formulation

    Participated in the formulation of 4 national standards:
    GB/T 8750-2014 Bonding Gold Wires for Semiconductor Packaging
    GB/T 34502-2017 Gold and Silver Alloy Wires for Packaging and Bonding
    GB/T 34,507-2017 Palladium plated Copper Wire for Packaging and Bonding
    Participated in the formulation of GB Gold based Bonding Wires and Tapes for Semiconductor Packaging in 2022
    Leading the formulation of the first group standard in Zhejiang Province:
    T/ZZB 1718-2020 Bonding Gold Wire for Semiconductor Packaging

  • Industry Association

    Director of China Electronic Materials Industry Association
    Member of China Semiconductor Industry Association
    Member of Electronic Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Society
    Member of Zhejiang New Material Industry Association

  • China
    South Africa
    New Zealand


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